Technical Writing Services

We are deluged with information these days, yet people are not rejecting it but want it even more. Providing that information easily and clearly is what technical communication today is all about.

Technical writing today encompasses a myriad of disciplines and is a constantly growing and changing field. We can help here. From developing user/operator/administrator guides to online help to white papers to single sourcing and DITA, JC Write can produce the technical documentation you need. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals.

Technical Manuals

While the world seems to be steadily moving in the direction of information accessed digitally and with a narrow focus based on search criteria (see online help below), the technical manual is still the mainstay of many products and applications. Whether it is for software or hardware; for operation, maintenance, administration, or other guidance; a full manual or a simple quick-start guide; JC Write has the technical writing experience and knowledge to produce any type document to meet your needs and budget.

Online Help

As Internet use and broadband availability grow, we see the technical manual being replaced by online help and information search. JC Write has the latest tools and the experience to create a resource that your customers and/or help desk personnel will find easy to use and that will enable them to rapidly access and apply the information they are looking for. Contact us to discuss your needs and develop a strategy.

Scientific Documentation

Scientific reporting is a specialized technical writing area that is heavily dependent on the audience. Creating a detailed report based on large amounts of data and research that can be read and understood by a diverse audience is a skill that many do not have. With the growth and use of “green” technology, the need to document and explain the science for both peers and the general public has grown. As a contract technical writer, JC Write can produce just the documents you need from the basic data or edit your reports and documents for your targeted audience. Contact us today to discuss your report needs and see how we can best help you.

Content Management, Single-sourcing, and DITA

These are the wave of the future for large, complex documentation requirements. While a full content management system that uses XML, DTDs, and modular writing and control is still way too expensive and unnecessarily complex for most companies, there are affordable ways to take advantage of some of these methodologies. DITA is an open source, XML-based architecture that can be used to structure your documents for easier re-use, saving you time and money. JC Write can work with you to develop a strategy using these tools to save you time and money on all your documentation. Contact us today to discuss your needs and develop a documentation strategy.

White Papers

When B2B magazine ( reviewed the results of a study performed by Eccolo Media ( they reported that “White papers remain the most effective piece of marketing collateral, with 86% of respondents finding them moderately to highly influential in the purchasing decision.”

Even if you produce only a commodity, white papers should be part of your marketing strategy. They are a proven technique with a high ROI.

JC Write can review, edit, and produce one or more white papers to help market your product or service. Contact us today to discuss your needs and develop a strategy.


Customers today are no longer just listening. They want to be involved. Web 2.0 is here and growing. Engaging you customers is most easily and readily accomplished with a blog. JC Write can design and build a blog for you and/or develop content on a daily or weekly basis. (We do not recommend having a blog that is not updated with new content at least weekly.)

Though blogs are clearly the trend in marketing, there are still large numbers of people who are not interested in using them. Whether it is because they don’t understand them or they are just too busy, many people still appreciate receiving a newsletter that can be printed and read at their leisure. JC Write can design and develop a newsletter that your audience will find attractive and useful and can develop content as needed.

Contact us today to discuss your blog or newsletter needs and to develop a strategy.

Other Services

The Society for Technical Communication ( recently published an online Buyers Guide to Products and Services. In it they say that “Technical communicators develop and design instructional and informational tools needed to ensure safe, appropriate, and effective use of science and technology, intellectual property, and manufactured products and services.” JC Write can provide all these services as part of an efficient and cost-effective technical writing and information program. Contact us today to discuss your needs and develop a strategy.

content by Jim Collins